Aislinn Mahoney

Aislinn Mahoney
My name is Aislinn Mahoney. I am a Dutch student studying International Business and a member of the Green Office at the HZ University of Applied Sciences. At this moment I am the treasurer, meaning that I keep control of the financial aspects of the HZ Green Office and get to see what wonderful projects our members are working on.

Being a board member of the Green Office also means you’re running one or several projects. My focus is mobility, as smooth transportation really helps to get to the HZ and in terms of the school’s Co2 emissions, transport is the biggest contributor. We are currently working together with the E-Mobility Park to see how we can encourage HZ employees to use electronic shared cars, rather than one from the current car park. Stimulating bike usage and car-sharing amongst students are our other focal points.

I am glad to be a member of the Green Office, as it presents the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, and it has also helped me to crawl out of my shell. As we continue to grow, I am excited to see what the future holds for us.
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