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Cruise Tourism (ENG)

cruise eng voorkantmaandag 29 oktober 2012

Download Cruise Tourism, From a broad perspective to a focus on Zeeland

The cruise industry is the most important growth sector in the entire tourism market. The market is still growing, despite the global economic crisis. North America is the primary market for cruise activities. Although this market is the most mature one – with the United States traditionally accounting for the majority of all cruise passengers – it is showing signs of saturation. Nevertheless, there is still enormous potential to be found in the worldwide cruise market. The European cruise sector is number two and represents the fastest growing market. The biggest European player is Great Britain. The share of the Netherlands is still relatively small, although major cruise ports like Rotterdam and Amsterdam are gaining ever better positions strategically. The Dutch cruise passenger is not yet really convinced of this comfortable way of travelling, but here too, an upward trend can be seen. There are many prejudices against cruise holidays, but also against the people undertaking this kind of travel. Various interest groups are making efforts to increase familiarity with the cruise product, in order to eliminate these prejudices. The fact that the cruise market is displaying strong growth under difficult circumstances even (in times of crisis) brings confidence for the future. The cruise industry can make a huge positive contribution to tourism destinations and generate economic benefits, which makes it an interesting niche market for coastal regions. The Dutch province of Zeeland is no exception in this respect. Building a cruise port in Zeeland would allow the province to enter a promising market.

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