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Apart from gathering general data on tourism, the Research Centre for Coastal Tourism offers customized research and consulting. Just think of research projects, policy advice, workshops and training courses, and so on.

The research centre is affiliated with two universities of applied sciences, HZ University of Applied Sciences and NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, and therefore has access to knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines: from marketing to computer technology, from economics to mobility. This knowledge is combined with long-standing experience in the tourism and recreation industries. The research centre brings together all this expertise in a project team that is the most appropriate to your research topic.

There are various options for the Research Centre for Coastal Tourism to take care of your project. One option is that students carry out the assignment for you. This may take the form of a practical assignment, a work experience placement or a graduation project. The students are eager to acquire practical experience and they have up-to-date knowledge and understanding of issues that are relevant to your project. If you wish to engage the services a student, he or she will be supervised by a lecturer. Another option is that professionals carry out your assignments: staff from the Research Centre for Coastal Tourism in cooperation with university lecturers or researchers.

Whatever the nature and scope of your problem, you can be sure that the Research Centre for Coastal Tourism will do its utmost to determine the best course of action to solve it, in consultation with you, of course. Based on this information, the centre will make you an appropriate offer.



The Research Centre for Coastal Tourism has already carried out a wide range of projects. They vary from drawing up communication plans for entrepreneurs, reports on the economic impact of tourism, to carrying out visitor surveys during events. The research centre also regularly organizes meetings and workshops on current themes.


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